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The IHK-certified private and corporate investigators of our detective agency in Oldenburg investigate on behalf of private clients and companies in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, on a nationwide, and even on a worldwide scale. We are your professional contact if it comes to private cases, such as marital infidelity, domestic violence or custody issues. We also solve crimes against private persons and companies: +49 421 3679 9066.


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Counting 160,907 inhabitants (2014), the big city of Oldenburg offers a number of landmarks and an extensive recreational area, what with the Oldenburg Land and the vicinity to the North Sea. However, the city dwellers cannot always enjoy the offered peacefulness: They are occupied with private issues such as stalking, a cheating partner, custody battles, and disagreements about child support and alimony payments. In 2015, the city counted 903 weddings and 395 divorces, that makes a ratio of 43%. Hence, it should not be surprising that infidelity is the most common reason for clients to approach our experienced and discreet private investigators in Oldenburg


Yet, even after the separation, the former couple is faced with a variety of issues. Who should be the custodial parent to the child? Is the ex-partner unsuitable to take care of the child and if that is the case, how can it be proven? Who should pay alimony to who? And is the ex-partner saying the truth about their income and assets? Our private investigators in Oldenburg will solve these questions, and many more, regarding your private issues. 

Economically powerful Oldenburg | More work for private investigators in Oldenburg

As the name suggests, the district capital belongs to the metropolitan region of Bremen-Oldenburg. The economy is largely represented by the service sector, followed by the manufacturing industry (food, photography, and suppliers of the automobile industry). In 2014, the Oldenburg Harbour handled about 1.04 tons of goods within inland traffic and 96,164 tons within maritime traffic. 76,844 employees (2014) that are subject to social insurance contributions contributed to the growing economy of this attractive work and residential location. But a booming economy also attracts criminals. The most common operations of our certified corporate detectives in Oldenburg include the investigation of cargo crime, burglary, offences against property, and fraudulent falsifications. 


In 2015, 14,598 crimes were officially registered in Oldenburg. The dark figures are surely much higher since offences such as patent infringements, counterfeit consumer goods, and crimes committed by employees are often not listed. Instead, the victim of the crime may prefer amicable arrangements with the offender. The investigators of our corporate detective agency in Oldenburg work with utmost confidentiality and meticulousness, and our results always stand up in court. We will gladly investigate on behalf of your company, as well. Please, make use of our contact form or give us a call. We will gladly advise you on your case-specific investigation options in a non-binding informational interview.

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The Oldenburg Harbour is one of the most important inland ports in Lower Saxony and has a significant influence on the city's economy.

Education and research threatened by corporate crime

Besides the Carl von Ossietzky University, the University city can also offer several Universities of Applied Sciences and academies, primarily in the fields of economy, technology and information technology. The police academy of Lower Saxony is also located here. Throughout the past few years, institutions and companies occupied with education, research and development have been increasingly faced with corporate crimes. Data theft, corruption, and violation of non-compete clauses cause damages worth billions to the nation's economy. Employees are involved in about half of these cases. To monitor them, to document their disloyal – often illegal – actions, and to gather valid evidence for criminal prosecution is an essential part of the work of the professional investigators of our detective agency in Oldenburg.


In case of need, please, send us your request per email or give us a call: +49 421 3679 9066.

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