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Reliable, discreet, certified and experienced – a short description of our Detective Agency in Delmenhorst. Our investigators are the professional contact for private clients and companies if it comes to research and surveillance work in the city of Delmenhorst, the wider area of the Oldenburg Land, Germany-wide, and even worldwide: +49 421 3679 9066.


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Private issues | Private detectives in Delmenhorst

Counting 81,045 inhabitants (July 2016), Delmenhorst is the third largest city in the Oldenburg Land and can offer a highly interesting architecture and many historic buildings, such as the historic town hall complex in a style of Art Nouveau. Unfortunately, the city dwellers do not have much time at hand to enjoy this interesting environment since they are occupied with a number of daily problems: a cheating partner, threat, stalking, child custody battles, and discussions about child support or alimony payments are only a few of the issues which our IHK-certified private detectives in Delmenhorst investigate. 


We also work on solving crimes, such as offences against property, fraudulent falsifications, vehicle theft, and burglary. The number of cases of the latter has, in fact, increased between 2014 and 2015 from 152 to 250 cases – that is an increase of 64.5 %! Our private detective agency in Delmenhorst investigates the circumstances as well as the offenders and will provide you with a valid investigation report and evidence, all together for a fair professional fee. Gladly we will also work on your case.  

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Patchwork families who live in peace, love and harmony are, unfortunately, an exception. A range of disputes evolves from marital issues, for example, custody battles and disagreements regarding child support and alimony payments.

Employee checks | The corporate detective agency in Delmenhorst investigates

Companies are faced with a variety of crimes and offences which have a negative effect on the turnover. The size of the financial damage depends on the size of the company and is usually quite significant, for smaller businesses, it can even be life-threatening. However, such damage is not always to blame on third parties, but often on the employees: Warehouse theft and cargo crime, bribery, sabotage and theft are damaging offences, just like the violation of non-compete clauses, fraudulent sick leave, and pursuing an additional occupation that was not agreed on by the employer.


In 2015, 1,349 cases were registered in Delmenhorst, including offences against property and fraudulent falsifications. That is 10.6% more than in the previous year. The dark figures are probably much higher since many companies reject the idea of public prosecutions. They fear the loss of reputation more than they fear the financial damage and, thus, prefer amicable arrangements over processes covered by the media. Our corporate detective agency in Delmenhorst monitors the suspected employee discreetly and, in this way, provides you with valid evidence. The investigation methods offered by our corporate detectives in Delmenhorst also include surveillance work within a company on your company grounds. This is where undercover investigators come in. We will gladly advise you in detail in a non-binding phone call: +49 421 3679 9066.

Unemployment and the following consequences | Corporate detective agency Delmenhorst solves corporate crimes

The industries of commerce and the manufacturing sector, especially the food industry, the naval and underwater technology, are the main pillars of Delmenhorst's economy. In 2015, 19,582 employees that are subject to social insurance contributions were registered as working in Delmenhorst. Although the unemployment rate is currently decreasing, the city is still above the national average of 10.3 % (June 2016). Further, the number of people commuting to work outside of Delmenhorst (16,882 in 2015) is much higher than the number of people commuting to Delmenhorst for work (10,214 in 2015).


To avoid misunderstandings: The majority of unemployed people is not at all criminal. However, people who have been unemployed for a long-term period, living on the breadline, may see no other solution to their distress than committing a crime, primarily some kind of fraud or property crime. Even if the cause of their behaviour calls for sympathy, a crime remains a crime. In 2015, 6,609 offences were registered in Delmenhorst. That is 1.2 % more than in the previous year. The crime clearance rate, however, decreased from 59.9 % in 2014 to 58.5 %. Among the crimes were 2,883 theft offences with a CCR of a sparse 34.4 % (37.5 % in 2014). Our professional detectives in Delmenhorst can, unfortunately, not do a lot after a shoplifting has occurred, but our specialists will gladly help you solve other types of offences and help you improve the security arrangements of your home and company grounds. We will point out security flaws to you and optimise the safety of your property. Please, send us a message via our contact form or give us a call.

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